Friday Letters #392

Do you hear your parents’ dreams and aspirations for their lives?
Last year I took on a project…

Friday Letters #391

Do you let your voice be heard?
Something I have seen in myself this year is my uneasiness with confrontation.

Friday Letters #390

What is your general attitude to life?
I ran upon the quote below today and it startled me…

Friday Letters #389

Share the story of how a pet has influenced your life.
Happy National Dog Day!

Friday Letters #388

Could you spend two hours a day, with your kids, without using your phone?
This topic came up on a recent Seth Godin post…

Friday Letters #387

How do we nurture in our kids selfless acts of kindness?
This year I took a huge leap of faith…

Friday Letters #386

Where do you find opportunity?
These past few months have been almost overwhelming…

Friday Letters #385

If you had your life to live over, would you change anything?
This question appeared on my facebook page…

Friday Letters #384

What things are worth giving much thought to?
Yesterday I spent several minutes being incredibly disturbed about…

Friday Letters #383

“What goals would you be setting for yourself if you knew you could not fail?” Robert Schuller
A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on a new idea…